We'll See You On The Trail - WildAire
We'll See You On The Trail
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We’ll See You On The Trail

We’ll See You On The Trail

Our Dream Came True

We are so thankful to everyone that has helped us throughout our magical time in the Oregon wine business.  To think that way back in 1995, when we first visited Oregon, that we would end up moving 3000 miles in 2000 to learn how to grow grapes and make wine.  We did it!  Time really does fly along the older you get….and my body constantly reminds me of what I’ve put it through.  We chased our dream….and we made it come true for over 20 years.  Now, its time to say farewell to this chapter of our lives and turn the page to a new and exciting future.  We don’t exactly know how our life story will progress, but that would be incredibly boring!  Life is precious indeed….so we’ll get busy living it!

Stay safe and be well!

We’ll see you on the trail


Matt Driscoll