WildAire pours at Jory - WildAire
WildAire pours at Jory
Pinot Noir, Jory, WildAire
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WildAire pours at Jory

Jory restaurant

WildAire pours at Jory

WildAire is out pouring the good stuff again.  We will be the featured guest winery pouring at Jory in Newberg.  Come and join us on Thursday, March 22nd from 6:30 till 7:30pm.  Jory is located inside the Allison Inn and Spa and is considered one of the best restaurants in the valley .  We’ll be staying for dinner afterwards if you’d like to join us!

Please stop by for a taste and select a bottle to pair with your evening meal or browse from our selection online!

Flames from the grill at Jory

Jory at the Allison