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Events and happenings at WildAire
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WildAire Triskele

Upcoming Special Events

 2018 Events

January 27th:  WildAire seated Tasting

March 22nd:  WildAire guest pouring at Jory

April 5th:  WildAire guest pouring at NW Fresh Seafood

April 14th:  WildAire at Anne Amie for the YC-AVA Tasting

May 12th:  WildAire guest pouring at Anam Cara

May 20th:  WildAire Wine Club Release Party

May 27th:  WildAire pouring at CWS for Memorial Day festivities

July 27th: Manzanita Farmers Market

August 4th: Play in the Park with WildAire Disc Golf Tournament

August 11th:  WildAire guest pouring at the Carlton Winemakers Studio

August 16th:  WildAire guest pouring at the Fresh Market in Cannon Beach

August 21st:  WildAire is bottling the 2017 Vintage!

August 28th:  YCAVA Roadshow in Charleston, SC

August 29th:  YCAVA Roadshow in Charlotte, NC

September 1st:  WildAire guest pouring at the Carlton Winemakers Studio

September 20th thru October 31st:  CRUSH!!!

November 18th:  WildAire Wine Club Release Party

November 24-26th:  WildAire Thanksgiving Weekend

November 29th thru December 1st:  WildAire winemaker dinners in NC!!

December 15th:  CWS Holiday Open House 12-4pm



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